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The concept of MetaboMAPS

Hover over aspects to read more about them and learn, how everything is linked together.

Growth through community contributions

Have a look at the network of all organisms and pathways (including private pathways) that are made available by the community:

Hover over each node to see the name of the entry.

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Experimental data from omics technologies

Experimental data

The most difficult part: to generate the data. Once you have them, it is easy as pie to visualize them in metabolic context. Since MetaboMAPS can visualize basically all numerical data, including:

  • Omics data (Transcriptomics, Metabolomics, Proteomics...)
  • Modeling data (flux distributions, fold changes...)
  • Epigenomic data
  • Labeling data (13C fluxes...)

Metabolic pathways

You can use the pathways from other contributors or contribute to the community yourself. It is up to you!

Since MetaboMAPS uses the native SVG format, you can keep working with your tool of choice: SVGs can be exported from Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, Powerpoint, LibreOffice, ChemSketch, just to name a few. And if you cannot export it, you can convert it.

Web Studio
Experimental data from omics technologies


Pathways are connected to organisms for many reasons:

  • Help others find all pathways that belong to an organism
  • Assign organism-specific identifiers (e.g. locus tags)
  • Visualize on different pathways from one organism without reuploading data

One pathway can be connected to hundreds of different organisms with small effort. Select an organism and click on "Add Pathway". Click on "Select existin pathway" and choose one from dropdown menu.

Plot boxes

When a map is selected, you can click on to enter the pathway editor. You can add new plot boxes by right click on the canvas and assign identifiers. There are a lot convenience functions for easier editing. Don't forget to save your work in the end and enjoy the data visualization tools.

Plot boxes
Experimental data from omics technologies


Identifiers can be anything and everything. Every researcher has their own needs and eventually uses different identifiers for their work. Examples are EC numbers, geneIDs, locus tags, UniProt or KEGG identifiers for reactions. It gets even more overwhelming when looking at metabolites: some metabolites have hundreds of synonyms and IDs from different databases. Luckily, MetaboMAPS matches synonyms from the integrativ database BKMS. This allows us to map synonyms that are entered by users (you!) and provide crosslinking to other databases (BRENDA, KEGG, MetaCyc, and Sabio-RK). We use a tag-like system for identifier assignment. Sounds complicated? Its as easy as using social media! Just edit a pathway and try it out!